Message from our Patron


Dr. Bhim Singhal

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Epilepsy is the second most chronic neurological disorder and estimates reveal that there are at least 55,00,000 cases of epilepsy in India. Advances in medicine and surgery have brought significant benefit in seizure control. Regrettably there remains a large treatment gap, especially in India, due largely to lack of awareness.

The Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) was constituted  in 1971 with the objectives of increasing awareness, improving the care of persons with Epilepsy  & dispelling the misgivings about Epilepsy. Persons with Epilepsy face problems in daily life: children are denied schooling, persons denied jobs, considered as having an evil disease. There are marital issues The Mumbai chapter of IEA, through its many programs, is trying to achieve the objectives of IEA & improve the quality of life of persons with epilepsy. The specially created Samman group (registered as Samman Association in 2012) is focusing to ensure the dignity of person with Epilepsy.

I hope that through our web we shall reach out to a large section of the society to increase awareness & disseminate information. Hopefully many will take advantage of the support group of Samman.

With best wishes

Dr. Bhim Singhal,