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Hi, this is Shivani Maniyar! The year 2023 gave a small addition to my introduction – “Epilepsy Warrior”.

My journey of Epilepsy was not less than a rollercoaster ride. We discovered that I was diagnosed with the same in 2015. Back then, it was completely negligible. I was put on medications and life was completely normal.

The year 2022 got us bothered with it as it got worse and I was completely shattered. My seizures increased and I confined myself to the four walls of my home. Months passed by but nothing changed!

That’s when I was put to counselling sessions where I confronted the most difficult question – Did I accept the epileptic self? Did I share this with people around me? The answers were “No!”

Accepting myself was the toughest step after which I became very open to share and create an awareness about it to the people around me.

We shared about my diagnosis to our family, my friends. They left no stone unturned to help and support me to get out of my darkest phase. Spirituality gave me inner strength. Moreover, I realised it was myself who had the courage to tackle all of it.

Epilepsy did break me but today I stand as one of the strongest warriors. With proper medications, healthy lifestyle and extreme support from my caregivers, I feel super proud to announce that I am complete 1 year seizure free!

To all the Epilepsy Warriors, you are stronger than you think. You are God’s favourite child as He gives the toughest role to the best actors, you are the chosen one! Ace it, fight it and witness the best and the strongest version of yourself.

Samman Association, the Mumbai Chapter of Indian Epilepsy Association, is dedicated to empowering people with epilepsy and their caregivers.







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