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The Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) was founded in Mumbai in 1971 under the leadership of Neurologists: Late Dr. Anil Desai, Dr. Eddie P. Bharucha and Dr. Noshir H. Wadia, and it functions as the Central Office of the IEA. There were 9 members of the first Governing Council: Dr. A. Desai, Dr. E.P. Bharucha, Dr. N.H. Wadia, Dr. K.V. Mathai, Dr. K.S. Mani, Dr. Baldev Singh, Dr. B. Ramamurthi, Dr. T.K. Ghosh and Mrs. R.H. Dastur. The Bombay Chapter of the IEA was formed in 1972.The Bombay Chapter is now rechristened Samman Association. For more details about the IEA and its chapters log on to:

Our Vision: To live in a Society where no persons life is limited by epilepsy.

Our Mission: To be an Association that nurtures and empowers the potential in every person with epilepsy.

Our Objectives

  • To increase epilepsy awareness through various campaigns and education programs that promote acceptance of people with epilepsy and remove fear and stigma.
  • To connect people with epilepsy and their families so that they may share experiences and support each other with love, respect and care.
  • To provide knowledge, resources and training to people with epilepsy and their caregivers to improve their quality of life.
  • To work towards policy change that empowers people with epilepsy in society.



Samman News and Updates

Review of local events, camps and programs

20th Jan – Rural Epilepsy Clinic & Mumbai Marathon

Soon after I returned from the IBE strategy meeting in the UK, I was on another journey.  This time to Palghar for our rural epilepsy clinic, which was a very satisfying experience.  Our team consisted of Neurologist Dr. Pravina Shah, Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Pradnya...

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Rural Epilepsy Clinic – 18th Nov

115 patients attended yesterday's rural epilepsy clinic at Pen! The team of doctors and volunteers ensured the smooth functioning - and of course the hosts - the Kaladarshan / Parekh family!  Thanks all of you! Carol

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National Epilepsy Day Celebration!

Yesterday, in celebration of National Epilepsy Day we saw the inspiring movie Shahid. Everyone enjoyed the movie, tea and the snacks that continuously went around. Next Saturday 24th we will be having another meeting with fun and games. Prizes will be given for the...

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Support Group Meeting 27th Oct

On Saturday, 27th we had a good turnout at our support group meeting. Siddhita presented on our November epilepsy awareness programs. Besides online challenges with exciting prizes to be won, we will be having 2 support group fun meetings. Please attend in large...

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Support Group Meeting at Dr. Shah’s home

All of us had a great time at Dr. Shah’s home today.  We began the meeting with a prayer – Shruti played a Carnatic raga on the violin and sang as well. Shruti has come down from the US to play at a concert in Tamil Nadu and we were fortunate to have her with us.  Dr....

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Samman Support Group Meetings

3 Samman support group meetings are now held every month. At Bandra we had a meeting on 25th August where Pranik healers came and gave a demo. They have agreed to conduct a level 1 training course for us at Bandra for a minimum of 8 persons. The Samman Manav Kalyan...

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Rural Epilepsy Clinic – Pen

Hi everyone. Another Sunday 12th Aug 2018 ...well spent at the farmhouse at Pen conducting the medical camp which started by 9am and was attended by approx 100 patients . Here I must add that some of our patients have shown a remarkable improvement with regular...

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Epilepsy Support Group Meeting @ Bandra

21st July 2108 started off as a beautiful rainy day with us not being sure whether we should have the meeting or not ... but thankfully the rains subsided and we had the meeting @2:30pm at ADAPT.  We had 13 members present discussing the topic which was “PURPOSE OF...

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Rural Epilepsy Clinic @Palghar

At yesterday's clinic 30 patients made it through pouring rain. Our team of neurologists and Samman supporters began the clinic at 9 am, They found the greenery around the place most soothing and came back to Mumbai feeling refreshed and happy at time well spent!

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