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Life is On!

– Rakhi Khandelwal

My first born – Siddhesh – is an epilepsy patient. He was born without any complications. In school, he was active and spent his childhood in the care of his babysitters since both me and my husband were working individuals.

When he was in the fourth grade, he was hospitalized due to his bouts of cough. His cough led to asthma. During this time, I could see his mouth twitching. I didn’t realise that these things could lead to something else.

One winter morning, when Siddhesh was down with cold and cough, he started jerking in his sleep. I was in a shock. I didn’t know what to do and hence, just kept watching him. Even after this episode, I was unaware about epilepsy and seizures. I immediately rushed to an ayurvedic doctor but nothing worked.

Years passed on, we consulted many neurologists, Siddhesh was put on AED (anti-epileptic drug). We had hoped his seizures would go away gradually, but the reverse has happened. The intensity & frequency of seizures increased with age. The complexity of our lives also increased. But my courageous boy never gave up. With all frequent epileptic episodes, severe tongue bite, falls and injuries, Siddhesh completed his schooling.

Meanwhile, I started researching on epilepsy online & got to know many things about it. One day, I found the Samman group, and I feel grateful to Samman group for the support. Through this association, I learnt that there are many epileptic achievers in the group.

Now, it’s been almost 8-9 years, Siddhesh is living his life with epilepsy. The saddeest thing of all is that we cannot send him anywhere alone as he gets seizures anytime, anywhere. But we live life as it comes – “Life is still on.”

Samman Association, the Mumbai Chapter of Indian Epilepsy Association, is dedicated to empowering people with epilepsy and their caregivers.







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