We were 23 of us at the meeting which as usual began with introductions. Christopher and Manohar then told us of the fantastic time they had at the National Epilepsy Conference in Patna where they spoke about ‘Living with Epilepsy’ and also performed a skit at the KS Mani Session along with 6 other Mumbai Samman support group members. Their description of events in Patna, sightseeing included, made many members enthusiastic about wanting to attend the ECon 2018!

Members were then asked to speak for 2 minutes on any emotion. Anura offered to speak first and after her each member opened about the emotion they most identified with and ways they coped with the same. All of us learnt a lot from each other.

The meeting ended with sumptuous burgers and tea.

Skit performed by 8 of our members @ ECon ’17