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Samman Association, in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, Mulund and BNS organised an Epilepsy Support Group on May 11, 2024. Over 65 people attended the program.

Dr Pravina Shah, Founder of Samman and Neurologist at Fortis, inaugurated the program with heartwarming anecdotes about Samman’s birth and the need for support groups.

The program was empanelled by Dr Pravina Shah, Dr Rajesh Benny, Dr Nikhil Jadhav, Jyoti Katkar and Deepesh Palkar. The doctors shared their insights on seizure management and mental health with epilepsy; Samman’s members – Deepesh, an epilepsy warrior, and Jyoti, a caregiver spoke about their journeys and the benefits they derive from a support group like Samman. Dr. Siddika Panjwani moderated the panel and spoke on the importance of caregivers in the lives of people with epilepsy.

We had the honour of having Dr Narayani Shivkumar during the program.

Uttejan, another support group for people with epilepsy and their caregivers based in Thane, had some of its members at the Fortis program. Dr Mrinalini Palshikar and Rema Ramachandran, the driving forces of Uttejan were also invited to speak and share their experiences.

The program was followed by Samman’s presentation and animation film, facilitated by Samman’s Siddhita Sonavane. Feedback from the audience on the animation film was overwhelming.

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