Soon after I returned from the IBE strategy meeting in the UK, I was on another journey.  This time to Palghar for our rural epilepsy clinic, which was a very satisfying experience.  Our team consisted of Neurologist Dr. Pravina Shah, Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Pradnya Gadgil, General Physician Dr. Wagle, and Samman volunteers.  Patients were there by 9 am.   Though Shabnam our host was not present, all the arrangements were perfect; thanks to her caretaker Manoj Yadav.  Thanks also to Lupin for the travel arrangements.

On the same day Mumbai got ready for the marathon.  Our Samman team was up bright and early, to join the dream run, slogans and banners in place.  Once again they enjoyed the experience and shared their stories on WhatsApp. We thank them for creating epilepsy awareness.

– Carol