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Last Wednesday (22nd) we had a support group meeting on zoom on ‘Acceptance and Adjustment’ – 19 participated, most were people with epilepsy and a few caregivers.  Here I share learnings that came from the group during the session : (a) our likes and dislikes subconsciously gives rise to how we react to certain situations, at times precipitating seizures. (b) people with epilepsy can learn a lot from interacting with each other which leads to better acceptance and adjustment (c) support from family and their positive reactions to the disorder leads to better these 2As (d) if our focus is on negative happenings we feel low / depressed and the opposite happens when our focus is on the positive.  Most heartening was that the newer members reported feeling very inspired, and loved the session. Coming Sunday the Uttejan support group will be holding a meeting on ‘Mind Knowing’ at 4.30pm.  All Samman members are invited. Let me know if you are interested and we will send you a link. – Carol D’Souza

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