I am pleased to inform you that with the continuous effort of the Epilepsy Foundation (Dr. Nirmal Surya) the following antiepileptic drugs have been approved by Govt. of Maharashtra to be available at all Govt. Hospitals including District Hospitals, Civil Hospitals and Primary Health Centres (PHC) by letter no. P.K. 263/Arogya-8 dated 30/4/2012.

The following Medicines can be purchased at Govt hospitals in Maharashtra:
Sr. no.

358. Tab. Divalproex sodium 125mg

359. Tab. Divalproex Sodium 150mg

361. Tab. Oxcarbazepine 150mg

362. Tab. Lamotrigine 50mg

363. Tab. Carbamezapine 200mg

364. Tab. Clobazam 5mg

365. Tab. Phenobarbitone 30mg

366. Tab. Phenobarbitone 60mg

367. Tab. Phenytoin sodium 100mg

368. Tab. Sodium Valporate 200mg

We await the day when it would be made available free of cost.