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Yesterday’s program was well attended with over 130 persons with epilepsy and caregivers attending the same.  After Dr. Pravina Shah welcomed the audience, Dr. Viraj Sanghi gave an overview of epilepsy.  Dr. Urvashi Shah then beautifully detailed the psychosocial problems that are associated with epilepsy and this was followed by Carol D’Souza’s presentation on services provided at the IEA Bombay Chapter – ECell.  Mr. Charles Antoine Janssen then informed us of UCB’s vision, mission and values, after which the EPI film ‘Epilepsy An Untold Story’ was shown.  The audience was then given an opportunity to ask questions – and there were so many!  A panel of doctors comprising a neurosurgeon, neurologists and neuropsychologist answered these questions.  A quiz, feedback form and the Samman theme song ‘Sun, Sun, Sun’ ended the session.  Most heartening for me was that 10 people from the audience became members of the IEA Bombay Chapter after the meeting!


  • anagh

    February 23, 2009

    that’s great, i think more awareness of epilepsy can help others more. especially focusing on & showing on giving help to needy with the illness,

  • Ruchi

    February 25, 2009

    Carol, its really a great effort and appreciable of using a blog to inform as many people.

    Thanks for your valuable support and calling ECELL members in the program.

    1. ecellin

      February 25, 2009

      Thanks Ruchi, blog stats show I had almost 50 hits the day after the Bombay Hospital program!

  • Bharati

    March 6, 2009

    Hi, Carol this is great news that this programme wasa success. I was very happy to see people in large numbers turn up for the awareness programme. I think slowly your good work and efforts are bwing rewarded. Many thanks. Bye. Bharati

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