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Really inspiring, read what kids belonging to the Epilepsy Foundation of America are doing:

Jackie Quetti of Massachusetts (18 years old) has spoken about
epilepsy at a school assembly, will be featured in an upcoming
newspaper article about her trip to Washington, and is organizing a
fundraising walk.

- Brennan Bayliss-Feldman of Arizona (12 years old) has collected more
than 500 signatures on a banner addressed to President Obama that urges
him to make finding a cure for epilepsy a top priority.

- Carly Stafford of Colorado (16 years old) has written President
Obama, collected 150 signatures on a petition in support of funding a
cure, and is planning to speak about epilepsy to the local Rotary Club.
  She's also made a video that you can watch at

- Jillian Youker (11 years old) of Michigan has also collected
signatures on a petition to President Obama in support of finding a
cure and has spoken with many of her schoolmates to educate them about

- Sisters Dana and Zoey Wade of New York (13 and 16 years old) have
spoken at their school about epilepsy and are organizing a fundraiser.
They've already collected $14,000 (!) and hope to bring in more than
$20,000 when the event is over.

- Jack Dau of New Jersey (age 10) is organizing an epilepsy walk at his
school this month and is working with the New Jersey Epilepsy
Foundation to conduct education seminars for all 750 students in his

Whether you're a kid or an adult, you can help!

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