As you’ll are aware the month of November is celebrated as National Epilepsy Awareness month. For all our people with epilepsy living in Mumbai we are having:
1. A fancy dress competition for kids with epilepsy on 24th Nov at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mini Auditorium. There would be 3 age groups : Below 12, 12-18 and above 18 – 2 prizes in each category Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/-.
2. We are also having two other awards: The living courageously with epilepsy award (Prize: Rs.5000 + cert) and the caregiver of the year award. Send in your application to us giving your story in not more than 500 words. If desired, the person with epilepsy can write the story for the caregiver and vice-versa the caregiver may write the story for the person with epilepsy. Applications have to be sent to us latest by 10th November, 2012.