Every year the 2nd Monday in February is celebrated as International Epilepsy Day.  This year it falls on 8th February 2021.  The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) started a 50 million steps campaign starting 4th January 2021 and ending on 8th February.  Samman Association & Friends (151 in all)  got all geared to contribute to this program and accordingly has so far accumulated 16 million steps! On the other hand IBE has informed us that in the first 15 days of the program – IBE and all its Chapters (Samman is the Mumbai Chapter of the Indian Epilepsy Association which is a  member chapter of IBE). IBE has now added another 50 million steps to the target!! We are happy to be a part of the 100 million steps gang! #50millionsteps #epilepsy #IBE #epilepsymumbai