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We celebrated Anura’s achievement on 2nd December at our support group meeting. Anura after doing her Masters in Physics, has now completed her doctorate in Educational Technology from IIT Bombay. Her rather complex thesis involved building models that enable self paced learning targeted to help graduate students think across levels and corelate their laboratory learning to classroom experience.

For this she gives credit to her mother and her guide who believed in her even when she had doubts about her ability. This situation arose after her first year at IIT when she had a viral infection with a seizure disorder. This led to a loss of memory and affected her cognition. She also gives a lot of credit to her neurologist who helped her every step of the way.

The other Samman Members too were encouraged to report about situations they have courageously faced. Srinivasan Iyer, a successful professional (now retired) spoke about the years of effort that went into his rehab after a rail accident.

The meeting as usual ended with tea, snacks and a lot of bon homie. Carol D’Souza

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