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Dr. Pravina Shah had arranged for a lecture to be given by eminent orthopedic surgeon and knee joint replacement expert Dr. Milind Sawant or Arthritis.

Dr. Sawant began by asking our members if we knew what arthritis was about.  Understandably it was Dr. Buch who answered most of Dr. Sawant’s questions.  Dr. Sawant explained the difference between bone pain which indicated osteoporosis and joint pain which could be arthritis.  He told us what could be done to prevent arthritis and also spoke about osteoarthritis. We were very thankful to him for taking the time to come all the way to ECell, from Mulund, to give us this insightful talk.

After the talk, Kavita performed a monoact on the life of a woman with epilepsy.  This performance was specially done for the students who participated in our essay competition My Friend Has Epilepsy and who were at ECell to receive their participation certificate and appreciation prize.  Dr. Shah and others born in April then cut a cake made by Minnie.  We also felicitated Dr. Shah for winning the Social Accomplishment Award. The meeting ended with a variety of snacks and tea.

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