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I was initially afraid to drop by late but somehow using the science of time and the art of changing means of transport, I reached on time.

The meeting had no fixed agenda and we wanted to just keep it light. Just get to know our members and hear from them. The idea was to keep up with them and if they had any problems which they wanted to discuss. Folks did come out and so did I.

We also introduced ourselves and with time we spoke about how the Samman Group was formed. Trust me that deserves a dedicated post on itself. I’m surprised that in spite of epilepsy being an ancient disease it’s still a taboo and not talked about in the open even today. Need to work on awareness I suppose. Perhaps in Jackie Chan’s words, “Our awareness of epilepsy needs more awareness of epilepsy”. Okay, I just replaced the word ‘Focus’. No pun intended.

It was relaxing to see everyone as I was having some personal issues and major writer’s block. I just hope that this blog and a poem which I’ll post later help me with it.

Overall I was more than happy to see and meet everyone. A few new members joined as well. We invited them with an open heart and took everyone’s suggestion. Hope we can implement them. It was emotionally rich and a learning experience as members shared their stories and suggestions. I suppose sometimes others teach you lessons no book or school can.

I wanted to end this post on a high note but I am glad that I simply attended the meeting and nothing more.

Signing Off – Ankush

Let’s join our hands together and welcome epilepsy awareness month, Nov 22

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