Yesterday we discussed about the significance of relationships in our lives. Be it friendly, romantic, marital, parental etc. And these were the takeaway points that were posted on the WhatsApp Group after the meeting:

  1. Maintain Healthy Mental Balance with yourself.
  2. Express your expectations clearly.
  3. Accept yourself and others.
  4. Learn to let go and forgive your loved ones.
  5. Don’t bring unnecessary past in present and if possible avoid it unless you have/want to address it.
  6. Learn to set healthy boundaries.
  7. Listen to understand, not react.
  8. Express your thoughts as much as possible otherwise you will feel missed out.
  9. Be grateful for what you have.
  10. Love your loved ones as much as possible.
  11. When you feel you have done wrong or hurt another make a sincere apology without trying to defend your actions in any way.

Looking forward to many more fruitful meetings!