The topic for todays meeting was: Employment. Kavita led the meeting. She laid emphasis on the importance of grooming and personality,
We asked our members what they thought was the most important quality required for the job they were doing.
They all gave a brief description on their work and job profiles.The essential quality According to most people was punctuality.
management, dedication, English and computer knowledge, understanding colleagues and team spirit.
Most discussed their lack of English knowledge as a barrier.
I then discussed on being the founder of my firm ‘SoboConnect’ (2006), despite uncontrolled seizures.
Mrs. Jayashree has noted the names of people who are serious about learning English, will help them out in E Cell as and when required. (So far 6 members have registered.)
Nitin thanked her on behalf of all of us by gifting her paper bag and epilepsy information.