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Our Support Group Meeting in July took place on one of the heaviest rain days – on the 13th, when Mumbai public transport system was severely disrupted.  Yet people who attended this meeting, which had ‘Fear & How I Overcome it’ as the topic, came from far and wide (Thane, Navi Mumbai etc).  However as the people were few, we had the next meeting on 3rd August also on the same topic. This meeting was not only well attended but had excellent participation too! Our next meeting was on 14th September on the topic “What Disturbs Me & What I Do or Can Do about it”. After the meetings many posted on our WhatsApp group and I give their feedback “Today : In this meeting : I learned : You have to face fear : Yourself:???????????? Thanks: Carol Madame and Samman”, “I have learnt to face my fears by not comparing with others and moving ahead in life positively”, “I will face my fears by being who I am, not comparing myself with others and celebrating life”, “truly the meeting was a great experience n a lot to be learned from all”, “Loved today’s Meeting❤Feels great to be a part of Samman Family❤”, “Thank you so much Carol for inviting me for such a wonderful meeting. Mahesh ji thank you also for encouraging me to join Samman group and today’s meeting. We can learn with each other”, “Carol, I learned from you a lot…And everyone rocks… Samman people are very talented…”.

Next support group meeting on ‘Managing Relationships’ at ADAPT, Bandra on 19th October. Look forward to interacting with you again!


Samman Association, the Mumbai Chapter of Indian Epilepsy Association, is dedicated to empowering people with epilepsy and their caregivers.







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