The first Samman-Fortis Epilepsy support group meeting was held at Fortis Hospitals, Mulund on Friday, 27th April 2018. It was attended by 10 patients and their families along with resident doctors and nurses. The support group was conducted by neurologists, a neuropsychologist, and a therapist. To break the ice, each one introduced themselves and spoke about how epilepsy affected them. The session centered around the idea that epilepsy is not restricted only to seizures but affects other aspects of life like marriage, employment, education along with effects on one’s cognition, mood and behaviour. Each one contributed to the discussion by saying how they have combated these difficulties and dealt with stigma. It was an enriching and relieving experience for the patients as well as the professionals. Going ahead, each session would be focusing on a particular theme, eg: the next session’s theme is memory difficulties and compensatory strategies. – Tanvi Dingankar