There were two School ¬†awareness programs done in August the first one was conducted on 12th Aug ’17 at the G.V.English high school in Manorama Nagar Thane by Dr. Rima Choudhry , this program was attended by about 15 teachers and support staff members . The second program was conducted on 19th August by Dr. Mehboob at Ravi Kiran high school Vikhroli , attended by 75 students and approx 10 teachers . Both the doctors spoke about the myths related to Epilepsy and the first aid to be given . Both the schools are government aided schools English Medium schools in slum areas , with extremely committed teachers .Whilst the schools are English Medium , Marathi is the preferred language , hence both the doctors spoke in Marathi. The sessions were very interactive as the teachers had some students in the past who had seizures in school and they also asked a lot of questions. The teachers and students also promised to spread awareness among ¬†parents and other staff members who could not attend the session . For both the doctors this was first awareness program they did for Samman and they were very happy with the kind of response it generated.