On 10th April the theme of the meeting was ‘Forgiveness’.  Being Easter time Carol spoke of the humility of Jesus (the washing of the feet of the diciples at the ‘Last Supper’) and the parables of the ‘Adulterous lady’ and ‘the prodigal son’; that if we had humility we would not get angry and if we forgave, we would not stay angry.

The 4th Saturday (24th), Yashodha was supposed to speak to us about her marriage bureau; but unfortunately she fell ill and could not make it.  We celebrated the birthdays of the month, Dr. Shah’s, Sydney’s and Carol’s (Manohar & Keyur we missed you).  Most of us spoke of how much Dr. Pravina Shah has changed our lives and given it more meaning.

For those of you who did not come – you missed delicious ‘Aam Raas’, ‘kachoris’, ‘dhokla’, ‘kaju katli’ and ‘pepsi’!