6th April was Dr. Shah’s birthday and Samman members gaver her a surprise party at her own home!  She was truly surprised and delighted.  We presented her a lovely book which documented our feelings and gratitudes in pictures and words.  She has truly done so much for us.

11th April we had a surprise party for Ashokbhai at Krishna Palace.  All of you who were there enjoyed the lovely party.  We will all remember for a long time to come the surprise, delight and laughter that overcame Ashokbhai as he entered the room.  Most of you would know Ashokbhai: he  has been supporting us with fundraisers and donations right from the inception of E-Cell and  provides the infrastructure whenever we have medical camps at Pen.   We had a musical housie that afternoon and our two singers Tejaswita and Smita Chandaver did an excellent job!