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The book Conquering Epilepsy edited by Samman member Carol D’Souza, was launched on 21st November, 2013 at Hotel Krishna Palace by eminent Neurologist Dr. Noshir Wadia. Dr. Wadia congratulated Carol D’Souza for putting together a book which would be helpful to all neurologists, their patients and anyone going through a difficult time and lauded the efforts of neurologist Dr. Pravina Shah, as well as Dr. B.S. Singhal in promoting the efforts of Samman members.

“Epilepsy is a hidden disorder” said Dr. Pravina Shah “in that people with epilepsy look just like any other”. She also said that people do not reveal they have the disorder due to the stigma associated with it. At the press conference held on 22nd November, Carol D’Souza stated that reasons for stigma have come from past beliefs that people with epilepsy were possessed when a seizure occurred. And though we are better informed now that it is a brain disorder, negative attitudes towards people with epilepsy still remain. In view of this it’s all the more courageous for 27 people with epilepsy to talk about their lives and have it published. 6 caregivers who have lost family members who had epilepsy have also given their accounts. The copyright if this book is with Samman Association / IEA.
At the launch people with epilepsy whose lives have been narrated in the book spoke of how they have overcome difficulties relating to education, employment and marriage. Caregivers spoke of the family support they had and the determination of their own children which helped them cope and helped their children become achievers.

Samman Association, the Mumbai Chapter of Indian Epilepsy Association, is dedicated to empowering people with epilepsy and their caregivers.







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