Today’s program at Holy Family Hospital was well attended – there were 28  registrations and in all about 35-40 persons attended the program.  The oldest attendee was an 87 year old retired College Principal!  Dr. Sushil Tandel presented on Epilepsy – Basic Facts and Carol D’Souza spoke on Living Confidently With Epilepsy.  Many were interested in becoming members and I hope they do become active members of our Association.

On 22nd Oct we had a program at Adarsh Vidyalaya, Chembur which was conducted by Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Pradnya Gadgil for 50 of their Secondary School Teachers.  A lot of misconceptions existed amongst the teachers with regard to first aid and we are happy that the education program helped.

On 1st Oct Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Amit Watkar educated Vocational Teachers and students of YMCA Ghatkopar.

Start of the program

Samman & Holy Family Introduction

Dr. Tandel Speaks

Carol speaks