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As I was not in town the meeting was organized and conducted by Salil, Christopher, & Ashish. This report has been prepared by Salil Kulkarni.

The meeting started with the prayer:

Oh God,
give me the serenity to accept things which I cannot change,
the courage to change things which I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

It was also translated in marathi.

This prayer was written on the blackboard and it was the first point of discussion.

To start with, the meaning of the prayer was discussed.
Everybody had something to say on this topic, as it is related to everyday life.
But there was some difference how they perceived the meaning.

The next topic was ‘Anger management’.
This topic did come in flow as the previous topic ended.

What is anger?
Why do you get angry?
What do you when you get angry?
How do you control anger?

such questions were discussed in this topic.
Everybody contributed his experiences or general behaviour regarding anger.

Later Friendship Bands were distributed, to celebrate the friendship day that passed on 5-8-2012.

Lastly the meeting ended with a comedy story that Aashish narrated to all of us leaving sweet memories.

We had tea before leaving.

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