Wonderful news – the Joshi’s have a grandchild!

At this support group meeting, after exercises we had a sharing of what’s in the news.  The death of a school girl due to Asthma – late medical help, led us to discuss when we should call a doctor when one has a seizure.  After narrating 2 pertinent stories, we then had a session on knowing ourselves better.

Dr. Shah attended the latter part of the meeting and spoke of the goal of having support group meetings i.e. to grow in confidence and ability to manage ourselves better.  Dr. Shah, Sydney, Keyur, Ancy and myself then cut a cake which had been made by Minnie Juneja.   I was so happy that all these people wanted to celebrate their birthday with us and brought lots to eat!!  Manohar and Nikhil we missed you, we would have liked to celebrate your birthdays too!