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We continued with Dr. Mittan’s “Eight Ways to Beat the Blues”. According to Dr. Mittan the second most important thing for people with epilepsy is to get the best treatment. He also says the following “Check up on the side effects of your medication. Sometimes they are the cause of your anxieties. But not often. We find most people who blame the pills are screwing things up themselves. Check on your medication but look at what is going on in your life.”

To help our members know what is going on in their lives, I asked them to write a letter to themselves as though they were that person in their household who is generally the most vocal about them. After doing so, they were asked to write a reply to that letter. Only if they wished to do so, those who wrote their letters in English, could then give it to Carol and those who wrote in Hindi / Marathi could hand their letters to Kavita for their views and personal counselling. At the end of the meeting we had cake, jalebis, dhokla and chips all brought by Rane, Christopher and Alpana to celebrate their birthdays.

Please come for the next support group meeting on the 11th, there may be a surprise visitor whom you would love to meet! Carol

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