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Hi! This blog has really helped me / the Association keep a record of all events. At our meeting on the 12th each one spoke about his/her relationship with God.  Where do we feel God lives?  Does God listen to our prayers? How and when do we pray etc.?  It is always nice to get different views.  At our next support group meeting on the 26th we will plan our activities for the new financial year 2011-12.  I hope all our members will be there for our Annual General Meeting on the 28th at 5 p.m.

On the 22nd and 23rd Kavita and I attended a workshop in Nagpur, held to discuss the amendments to the 1995 Rights of Persons with Disability Act.  We impressed upon the hosts that Drug Resistant Epilepsy should be included not only in the list of disabilities but also under ‘Reservations’ for jobs.  This was accepted.  The new act will have to be passed by Parliament before it comes into effect.  Will keep you’ll posted. Carol


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